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Planes, Lanes, and Value Stream Flow.

What’s the Point of “Point Kaizen”? It’s a common problem for companies to do “point kaizen”. This is where an improvement project is done with regard to just one step in the larger process or value stream. They are trying … Continue reading

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Capacity Has Value – Part 2

In my last blog (here’s the link in case you missed it: http://blog.maskell.com/?p=637 )   I proposed a new way the analyze capacity in a lean company, and gave you a lean way to think about this.   I made the case … Continue reading

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Lean Accounting and Traditional Accounting Compared Part 4 – Lean Culture Integration

We are working our way around my mind map (See below.) So far, it’s been a good “compare and contrast” exercise for me.  I hope so for you as well.  This time, our topic centers on Lean culture and how … Continue reading

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