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In Defense of Accountants

I get tired defending accountants over and over again for a crime they have not committed. Standard costing, as we know, does not work for Lean companies.  What do we do?  We “round up the usual suspects” [i] This often … Continue reading

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Wrong Measures Send Wrong Signals

Corporate management of a large multi-national company told its plants to become lean. So the plants began implementing lean by creating pull systems based on shipments from finished goods warehouses that were part of each plant. Corporate conducted monthly operational … Continue reading

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Lean Accounting & Traditional Accounting Compared Part 10–DATA GATHERING–HOW LEAN COMPANIES CREATE CONTROL

In the previous blogs on this topic, I showed how traditional companies try to create control in their processes. They use “big data” with complex data gathering and storage in ERP and other systems. Lean companies do the opposite. They … Continue reading

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