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You Can’t Become Lean If You Only Eat Fried Food!!

If you want to lose weight by eating organic, low calorie food but…. you deep-fry everything, you will not only stay overweight, you will become sick. However, most American manufacturers do just this with regard to lean. They want to … Continue reading

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While Watching Old Movies on a Rainy Saturday …

…I came across something amazing. Have you got 9 Minutes? Watch this clip from the movie “Executive Suite.”  Learn how Lean was alive and well in1954!!! Then think about the the Lean issues it points out. Below are some Lean … Continue reading

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Why Do We Need Work Orders? We Don’t !!

Lean companies – for the most part – do not use Work Orders to control production. Why not? Because work orders are very wasteful. It takes a lot of time and effort to run the work-order process, and it is … Continue reading

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