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What Does This Guy Do?? Role of Value Stream Manager

For many people the role of a value stream manager is not clearly understood. Others incorrectly use the term value stream manager as a substitute for production manager or supervisor in the factory. A Value Stream Manager has full responsibility … Continue reading

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Lean Accounting and Traditional Accounting Compared Part 9 – DECISION MAKING WITH THE BOX SCORE

You cannot use standard costs for any kind of decision-making. And yet …..  most companies do. If we are going to make important decisions – like quoting orders, make/buy, capital purchases – we must have clear, correct, and comprehensive information. … Continue reading

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LEAN DECISION MAKING: Part 3 – Every Decision, All the Time

In Part 1 of this series, I made the case for why standard costing is a poor, non-Lean way to make decisions in a Lean company.  I went on in Part 2 to describe how Lean decision making methods using … Continue reading

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