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Lean Accounting and Traditional Accounting Compared Part 8 – CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

Continuing my trip around the LA v TA mind map … we come to “Continuous Improvement” – and how Lean Accounting supports it.  If you have missed any of the previous installments in this series, you can get caught up … Continue reading

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LEAN DECISION MAKING: Part 1 – Making the Leap

Lately, I’ve been blogging a lot about the role and responsibilities of the CFO in Lean Companies. Now it’s time to get down to your single most important responsibility as a CFO in a Lean company  – removing standard costing, … Continue reading

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Getting to the Root of the AP 3-Way Match Our first “crowd sourced” solution – Part 2

Last time (in Part 1) I recounted a question I was asked not long ago about HOW A LEAN COMPANY CAN ELIMINATE THE ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 3-WAY MATCHING PROCESS.   In case you missed that blog, here is the link: I … Continue reading

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