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Getting to the Root of the AP 3-Way Match

Our first “crowd sourced” project A question came up a couple of days ago asking HOW a lean company can eliminate the Accounts Payable 3-Way Matching process.  I thought: instead of giving the standard humble consultant’s answer – how about … Continue reading

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Lean Accounting and Traditional Accounting Compared Part 7 – External Reporting

It is common for financial people within companies where I go to question this proposition (sometimes vehemently!) I have also been told many times that auditors require standard costing and not Lean Accounting, or that SOX mandates it. These are … Continue reading

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Capacity Has Value – Part 3

In my last couple of blogs I proposed a new way the analyze capacity in a lean company, and gave you a lean way to think about this. I made the case that what you really need to measure is … Continue reading

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