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The Market Out There is Frightful, Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow.

If you had to sum up lean processes you would likely say “lean creates great customer value and flows very fast”. Lean companies organize around these 2 of the 5 principles of lean thinking. They create a physical and management … Continue reading

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Lean Accounting and Traditional Accounting Compared Part 9 – DECISION MAKING WITH THE BOX SCORE

You cannot use standard costs for any kind of decision-making. And yet …..  most companies do. If we are going to make important decisions – like quoting orders, make/buy, capital purchases – we must have clear, correct, and comprehensive information. … Continue reading

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Implementing SOFP – SOFP Series Blog #8

This is the last blog in this series. In the previous blogs we looked at why SOFP is important to lean organizations and how SOFP is specifically a lean approach. We then went through the 5 primary steps that occur … Continue reading

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